Top 10 Uses For Turtle Figurines!

So many uses for one little item. Hand painted turtle figurines can be used as

1. Decorative decor in fairy gardens

2. Adorable additions to tiered trays

3. Displayed of shelves or wide window sills as ornaments

3. Can be used in sensory bins, table top small world play for children ages 6 and over.

4. Can be used as cake toppers for turtle themed birthdays

5. Can be turned into jewelry by adding eye hooks

6. Can be turned into fridge magnets by adding a magnet to the bottom of them

7. Can be used as scrapbook embellishments by gluing to a scrapbook page

8. Can be used as wreath embellishments by gluing onto wreaths

9. Can be used as tree ornaments by adding on an eye hook and hanging wire

10. Can be used in centerpieces, place holders and napkin rings by gluing in place.

These little turtles can have many purposes and uses are limited only by the imagination.

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