Come discover the enchanting delight of come discover the enchanting delight of handcrafted storytelling characters, cosplay accessories and small world play decor.

{So what is small world play anyways and why are some teens and adults attracted to it?}

Small world play is a style of fantasy play where people immerse themselves in physically re-creating worlds they've imagined in miniature tabletop and fairy garden scenes. Some people who engage in small world play like to dress up as a specific character that would be found in their miniature scene and create adventure stories about the character. They may even get together with other role playing friends to turn their small world into a storytelling cosplay game or roll playing game. A few people who engage in this type of cosplay completely turn their home environment into a place their character would love and enjoy doing things that their character would be interested in right down to learning everything there is that their character would know.

The main reason that small world play (including cosplay) appeals so much to teens and adults is that it allows one to almost completely escape everyday stresses and the mundane, providing them with much needed rejuvenation and relaxation through the creative storytelling, acting, reenacting processes along with using creativity to design small worlds and characters.

{How My Shop Can Help You}
My shop provides you with the opportunity to provide yourself, your friends and your family who love small world decor and cosplay with unique handcrafted gifts that will help them create or add to their own small worlds and cosplay character ensemble, helping them to further enrich living an enchanted life. Personalization and custom requests are available should you wish to contact me to discuss.

{About My Creations}
Handcrafted creations in my shop are crafted with quality materials, certified non-toxic water based paints & weather-resistant glosses. All handcrafted items in this shop are created by me in my farm based studio in Athabasca County, Alberta, Canada. My creations are labour intensive so unless it is marked as ready to ship, it will take me some time to create as I'm a traditional artisan and don't use computerized equipment to make my creations.

You will see that I also have some vintage items. I have taken the time to travel Alberta and curate cute vintage finds (such as salt and pepper shakers) that go along with fairy gardens, small world characters and decor for creating small worlds whether that be miniature tabletop worlds or turning your home into its own enchanted small world carved out and created just for you.

As a mixed media artist who does not mass produce items, one thing to note is that selections in my shop will change. This is due to limited creation line runs, one of a kind finds and creations, and seasonal decor. If you see something today, it may be gone tomorrow.

{About My Journey As An Artist, Author & Cottage Creatrix}
As a maker who really enjoys small world play, I started out with creating MDH Toys (handcrafted wooden storytelling toys) and writing children's stories. In order to create wooden toys from my home, my insurance company forced me to turn my business into an incorporation. Working under a corporation did not work out as I couldn't be put on payroll due to corporate laws here in Canada. That was all good back when we lived in Beaumont, but when we first moved up to the family farm in Athabasca County, we had to live on the income MDH Toys made. In 2022 we made the decision to shut down the toy corporation and have me create all my work under the banner of being a freelance artist so that I could use the income from my decorative small world creations to support my family of five including two teens and an early elementary age child.

{I invite you to Come discover the enchanting delight of small world play}
Please feel free to refill your cup of tea and enjoy browsing my shop. Don't forget to message me with questions or custom theme requests (no copyright infringement requests please.) I would love to create something special for you.

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